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Whether you are getting your 1st or 2nd property, it’s never an easy decision. There are many factors to consider and look into to ensure a smooth and efficient process. It is important to know all the hows and whats when you are looking to purchase a property for homestay or investment. 


Check out the types of buying strategies you can undertake that will assist you from selecting your property to eventually financing for it.

Upgrading of Matrimonial Home


Are you thinking of upgrading to a bigger private property from your current matrimonial home? There are ways to buy your next matrimonial home, while still staying in your existing home, and yet save on taxes payable for a second property subsequently.

Sell 1 Buy 2


Sell One Buy Two refers to the process whereby a couple sell off their HDB and purchase a condo each under their name. It is a popular way to grow one's asset wealth as keeping an HDB long term will cause you to lose on on inflation and capital gain.

Part Sharing


Part-sharing is the process where one co-owner of a property transfers his or her ownership to the other co-owner of the same property. It is an effective way to save on taxes payable on a second property.

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