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Nelson had spent about 17 years in Government and Corporate Sector before switching to real estate. Having experienced the various roles from his employment, Nelson knows the importance of forward planning and this is extremely important when it comes to milestone decisions especially in today’s context. He is a firm believer in property wealth planning to assist his clients with their wealth and assets’ progression.

 Nelson is a firm believer that being informed is paramount to making decisions, with the right knowledge and information. He invests time to make sure that his clients’ requirements are heard and analysed because he believed that a property for some is just another number, but to others it may be the only one that they ever have.



Customised Sales
Marketing Plan

It's all about having a plan that differentiates you in the market, and making the buying and selling experience accessible for your prospects.


Consultation on Property Investment

We provide property investment advice to clients after careful analysis of market conditions and trends. We identify the most feasible, cost-effective approach to help clients achieve their objectives.

Analyzing Graphs

Detailed Market Analysis

We're here to help you navigate market ups and downs to seek long-term investment goals. A diversified portfolio to help build resilience while seeking yield opportunities. 

Renovated Building

Mortgage Advisory

Providing advice from your loans selection, home protection to handling the whole application process and help to make that acquisition more attainable with financing options.


What Clients Say About Nelson Neo?



Nelson has been very helpful in our search for our ideal home. He has taken the time and effort to accompany us throughout the whole process of viewing and understanding our purchase up till the completion of transaction. Being new to this, we both appreciate his candour as well as his professionalism since the first day. Nelson took pride in service excellence and he is always responsive and takes initiative in ensuring we are kept up to date with the progress and timelines. We are happy with the work Nelson has done and am sure others will feel the same way.


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